Thursday, June 14, 2007

In my own backyard

I recently became aware of an incident of "hazing" right here in my own virtual backyard. It seems that this has been going on for some while, now, that it has been brought into the public attention it is even more shocking!

Students have been subjected to sexual transgressions often associated with incarceration. Yes, it does happen even in "safe, sleepy little communities! IT IS CALLED BULLYING! It exists in all levels of society, in all economic strata, in homes, schools, the workplace and in society.

As I would have told the students in Coopersville, MI, "Bullying hurts! No one deserves to live in pain."

You have the power to begin to eliminate bullying....don't support it! Don't empower the bully, don't repeat rumors, help those who are being bullied or at the very least, make sure they get helped. REPORT and Dangerous, Disturbing or possibly Destructive incident you are aware of.

Someone was aware of what was being done to these students! Someone knew it wasn't right! Someone did REPORT and quite possibly, lives were saved. What are your thoughts?

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The Recovering Bully

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Nicole G. said...

I agree. I believe that students need to report ANY disturbing information they hear whether it’s from a friend, a random classmate, or a conversation other people are having. The only way to stop school violence is for the students to help in any way they can. By reporting such behavior to the security or head administrators, they may be saving destruction to school property and to the students who attend the school. I know sometimes it’s hard for students to be a “tattle tale” but in this situation, it would be worse to let the conversation go ignored—especially if peoples lives are at stake.